The Greater Crown Heights Eruv was privately built in 2016 to service the growing needs of the Orthodox community of the greater Crown Heights Community. Rabbi Schwartz and Rabbi Reinstein of Congregation Kol Israel certify the posek of the eruv. The eruv is checked each week, and repaired as needed.  The annual cost of maintaining the eruv is approximately $15,000. 

The Greater Crown Heights Eruv is a public good that we all need to support in order to keep our community strong and growing. Families and singles, Lubavitchers and modernites, old and young -- and even those who don’t personally hold by eruvim: we all benefit from a strong eruv and a strong community.  We ask each family or household to contribute at least $180 (less than $4 each shabbos!) to support the upkeep of the eruv this year, and if you are able to contribute more, your support will go a long to support the long term viability of the eruv.  Contributions can be made for the entire year, or in installments.

Thank you for your support and Good Shabbos!


Support the Eruv

Sponsorship Levels

  • Eruv Macher: $3,600

  • Eruv Builder: $1,000

  • Lechi Level: $540

  • Eruv Sponsor: $360

  • Friend of the Eruv: $180

To donate by check, please mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Greater Crown Heights Eruv Fund c/o Congregation Kol Israel
603 St. Johns Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238